Are you a financial planner looking for a new challenge?

work for yourself, not by yourself

What is it?

The SparksWealth Partner Programme is for Financial Planners who want to be self-employed with a proven structure and brand. Our Partners set up their own Limited Company and act as a Tied-Agent of SparksWealth


Be your own boss for your Business

Complete control of your diary with remote working.  

Your  new laptop setup with all the SparksWealth equipment, technology and software you need to get your SparksWealth Partnership humming.

Proven business structure and framework.


Paperwork & Compliance

Our production team assist with paperwork, suitability letters, Lifeco interaction and client admin.  

Professional Indemnity, Compliance and Central Bank of Ireland resources are managed in-house. 

Support and mentoring network of like-minded individuals to help you succeed with your business.

Best-in-Class Financial Planning for your clients

Unique financial plan system and paraplanning support.  Our financial plan format is equally client-informative and commercial. 

Agencies with all major providers and investment companies. 

Due to scale; we have service and pricing advantages with life and pension companies.

About SparksWealth

We wanted to set up a financial planning business that looked different, felt different and was different.  The industry was too focused on products, selling and other dated practices.

We take different elements of best-in-class thinking in wealth management, value investing and financial planning and distil them down into our unique financial plan format.  Our financial plans are free of jargon, and excess paperwork and rely on simple infographics to tell the client's story.

Our Production Team helps our clients with all admin and forms to make the client onboarding seamless. In an industry where service can be lacking, we make this our focus—learning from the tech sector to make our client service a unique and efficient experience. We are a paperless office and will never send a client blank forms that need to be printed and scanned back. 

SparkWealth Ltd and our Partners' business has grown over 75% per annum since we established the firm in 2019. We are a fully remote workforce of 13+ across several geographies.

What our clients say

The Costs

  • The set up fee for the Partnership is €3,000. This includes Apple Macbook laptop, IT setup and onboarding with a full new Partner training programme.

  • The ongoing costs of the Partnership is divided into two parts a) Revenue Contribution (RC)  of 25% of all commission and revenue earned and b) A monthly Fixed Service Charge (FSC).

  • The FSC is zero for the first three months, €500 a month for the next 6 months and then €1,000 a month thereafter.

The Outcome

There are currently three SparksWealth Partners with an average tenure of 3.5 years.

After the 25% revenue contribution (RC) and monthly fixed service charge (FSC) of €1,000, the cost of running your business is minimal. 

To give new Partners the best chance of success, the FSC is reduced by 50% in year 1. 

The average turnover for our current Partners has been €75,000 in year one, €150,000 in year two and over €200,000 in year three.

For example, a Partner turning over €250,000 in year 3 would pay €74,500 (€62,500 RC + €12,000 FSC) to SparksWealth. The Partner's business would retain €175,500 of its turnover, or just over 70%.

Get in touch for more info!

We'd love to chat.  Whether it is something you are considering or just curious.  We'd be happy to share more information including financial projections and track record of our current partners.

work for yourself, not by yourself

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